Shotokan Karate Bujitsu


Learn something new!

Karate as Bujutsu has been through many a scene of bloodshed. Karate is about using the muscles and joints in movements that explosively release the hidden power of the whole body. Such techniques can be appreciated both for their beauty and sharpness. The characteristic features of Karate are in the way that the whole body must be fully utilised to produce dynamic and extremely strong techniques that are explosively powerful. We do not deal in feints, small techniques and tactical ploys. These training techniques were developed through research and experience the key points are being aware of and how to control one’s centre of gravity and hip and back movement. We make use of training methods to enable us to build our bodies in order to develop the fundamental abilities to achieve such techniques and enable us to move our centre of gravity correctly and utilise our whole bodies. The idea is to develop the ability to control your movements to the nearest millimetre. Such techniques are eye-opening for Karate-ka who have been training for many years.


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